Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mental Block

Some things make me laugh out loud!  Not just lol, but really laugh.  It can be silly video, corny jokes, sitcoms (love, Love, LOVE The Big Bang Theory!)  But what made me laugh just now was none of those.  It was a game I was playing.  You know, the kind where you have a bunch of random letters and you have to make as many words as possible before time runs out?  I had played several rounds and was picking up speed.  Something in my brain kicks into gear when I do something repetively. 

I had guessed all the 3 letter words; they are pretty easy to get quickly.  The longest word in this game is 6 letters long and there only seem to be so many ways to re-arrange the letters into words that qualify in this game.  So I had the 6 letter words done too.  I always seem to struggle with the 4 and 5 letter words.  There are certainly some obscure words in those lengths.  I especially have a block on words that begin with vowels.  Even though I know I have this challenge, they are the words left too often at the end of the round!  I am working on that!

So, like I said...I had all the 3 letter words, all the 6 letter words and even all the 5 letter words!  I was cruising!  I was typing frantically against the diminishing timer and there was just one word left.  I glanced at the timer...10 seconds left!  Think, THINK!  I started typing in words that were not really words and getting the friendly message about how they were not playable.  The timer ran out...Dang!

As soon as the timer expires all words not previously guessed are filled in.  I like this.  It helps me learn new words and reminds me that typing fast is not always the most accurate way to play this game.  Didn't I just a type in a few of those words now taunting me as missed?

Anyway I digress.  The one and only word I did not guess that game was "obey".  Not such a big deal, but it made me laugh.

My husband and I wrote our own wedding vows before our marriage a bit more than 11 years ago.  At one point we were comparing notes and he told me I had left out "obey".  Ha ha, I told him I had not left it out, it just wasn't part of wedding vows in this modern world.  With a silly grin he persisted to insist I insert the word.

Fast forward to the big day.  We are standing with the pastor getting ready to recite our vows.  He mouthed "obey" and I, being the charming and well bred lady I am (ha ha ha!) stuck my tongue out at him.  It was a small chapel and all of those in the audience saw very plainly what had just transpired.  They did not know why I had stuck out my tongue, only that I had.  I am a big fan of silliness and fun.  It just seemed to fit.  You did see the picture of my wedding shoes a post of so ago, right? 

Nowadays whenever my dear sweet and silly husband reminds me I should obey,  I remind him that he was the only one who uttered that word on our wedding day. 

And that is what made me laugh!

The Hopeful Romantic

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