Saturday, September 8, 2012

In celebration of Fall!

Yes, I know it is not Fall if you are checking your calendar, but the cooling weather is promising all the things that Fall bring.

Some of the leaves on the trees here are already putting on their decorative colors.  I am looking forward to a coo, but sunny day when they will be most beautiful.  I know that right after that I will be trudging into the yard with my rake and bag to collect said leaves, but the lovely show makes it worthwhile!

Bundling into sweaters and sweatshirts to go outside gets me out the door for a walk quickly!  My dog will be more bouncy after his walks in the cool air and a trip to the Bark Park will see him stretching out and running for all he is worth instead of trotting off to the shade trees.

Soup!  As much as I love gazpacho, a lovely bowl of hot soup cannot be topped!  (Except with cheese, crumbled bacon, green onions, chopped tomatoes...well, you get the point!)

There is so much more to love about Fall, but right now I am going to join my dog in the backyard for a little night air, cool night air, that is!

The Hopeful Romantic

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