Saturday, August 20, 2011


Recently I have come across a couple of my old journals.  I couldn’t resist sitting down and reading a bit.  Ok, more than just a bit.  I read every page!  There weren’t that many pages to read though.  It seems I start with the best of intentions to put the journal down or away never to come back to it.  Well, almost never.

The one I re-read a couple of times since I rediscovered it began before I even was pregnant with my first child.  (She just celebrated her 23rd birthday recently!)  I recognize the woman writing the entries even I don’t really remember the feelings she committed to paper.  But then I suppose that is what journals are for.  I was pretty good at recording dates and other significant data so in some ways reading those old entries awakens old memories.  Pretty interesting stuff!

For the past several days I have kept one of the journals on my bedside table with the intention of journaling again.  Today was the day.  I put pen to paper and hopefully I will not be reading today’s entry years from now and thinking again how long this one journal is going to last with only a odd entry every few years!

The Hopeful Romantic

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