Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Sad New Discovery

I was just in the kitchen getting ready for Sunday dinner.  I love Sunday dinner!  It is a time when all four of us try our darnedest to sit down together for a meal.  The meal is not so important as the time together.  Still I do try to cook something we all enjoy and usually something out of the ordinary.

The menu tonight includes Lemon Roast.  It is my husbands favorite and the rest of us would never pass on this yummy dish.  (This post is not about the recipe, but I will post it at another time.)

As the onions getting translucent in the pan, I unwrapped the roast and there was my sad new discovery.  Under the label, on the side unseen until you peel off the plastic, was a small metal thingamabob.  It only took a second to recognize the its function.  It is designed to set off the alarms as you exit the store if the package has not gone through a scanner. 

Now, I know that people steal and that they do it for all sorts of reasons.  I will not condone those actions, but that this grocery store felt it necessary to insert this tiny device into the packaging made me sad.

Just one more time I feel the sadness at what our world has come to. 

The (usually) Hopeful Romantic

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