Sunday, April 21, 2013

For me!

I began this blog for me.  If someone out there reads it, that is Ok.  I wanted a place to record my thoughts and feelings.  What about a diary?  I have one or two of those, but when I write here I can share if the moods strikes me.

Now I have embarked on something else for me.  Change!  A change of the way I eat, the way I move and a change of attitude.

For the past 8 days I have been grain-free.  Not just gluten-free, but free of all grains.  I have been edging toward this for the past couple of years, but now things have changed so that I want to make this a way of life.  I may not be grain-free for the rest of my life, but that could happen.  For now,  I have promised myself 90 days. 

Several months ago I developed Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.  I have lost range of motion in my left arm and when I push past those limits I am in pain.  Sometimes pain and then there is PAIN! 

I go to a chiropractor, but I have had little or no relief there.  I have taken countless supplements (I don't do drugs - perscription, over the counter or recreational.), but again little relief.  I have pored over countless web pages looking for information to help, done yoga specific to this syndrome, gotten massages, stretched...hmm, there may be other things I have tried, but none come to mind right now.

So, here comes the change!  I began a cardio kickboxing class a couple of weeks ago.  I go twice weekly and I am having a blast!  I am overweight, out of shape and have a bum arm, but I am there jabbing, kicking and doing everything the rest of the class is doing, although sometimes with slight modifications.  At times there are even things we do in class that make my shoulder warm.  I equate that with more movement!  Time will tell!

Now for the big change, no more grains!  I have limited my intake of grains for the past two years because I don't think they are a healthy addition to any diet and certainly not mine.  Grains add weight and I want to weigh less, not more!  Grains can lead to tooth decay and as I get older I am more intent on keeping all my parts! 

Last Saturday was Day One.  Since I have been reducing grains in my diet it was not much of stretch to figure out what to eat and be happy with what was on my plate.  Here is a compilation of what I ate in the past 8 days.

Eggs (every morning!), salad with homemade dressing, lean meat - chicken, beef, pork, fish, scads of veggies, some potatoes, nuts, cheese, coffee, tea, water (of course!) and a small amount of fruit. 

I tried to get inventive with the ingredients allowed and I was happy with the results.  Pot roast on Sunday gave me a couple more dinners and some lean meat to top a couple of salads.  The fruit is mostly as a dessert.  The veggies were mostly raw, but some were cooked to add variety.  I want to be successful, so I really put my thinking cap on!

Here is what I have noticed in these 8 short days.  Almost no digestion, my runny nose is not so runny, my feet are softer and less ithcy and best of all my joints are not as achy.  Good thing too, since doing cardio kickboxing with achy joints saw me hobbling a bit and generally being in more pain than I like.  I know, I pain, no gain.  Well, that saying seems to be losing ground and I am making gains and having less pain!

I am making these changes because I want more out of life.  More dancing, more moving, more walking and hiking.  Just MORE!

Now it is time to get to the kitchen to make a fritatta for dinner.  Shhh, don't tell my hubby, but he is participating in the change, too.  He just doesn't know that he is! ;)

The Hopeful Romantic

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  1. Update...My sweet husband and I went out to celebrate our anniversary. Yea! But, and this is big, I ate grains! So sad, it was definitely not worth it. To top that off, I have "fallen off the wagon"... boo, hiss. My shoulder has been more achy and in general I don't feel as good as I was. So, I embark on this journey of no grains again. Wish me luck!