Tuesday, May 8, 2012

An Ode To Tuesdays

Friday has got to be one of the best loved days of the week.  After all, TGIF!  No celebrating Monday.  Enough said about that!

Personally, even though Fridays are good Tuesday gets a nod from me.  This has nothing to do with the calendar.  It is only one day after Monday, but it is just two days before Thursday which is one of my days off.  The office I work in is closed most Thursdays, so you can see why I like Thursdays!  Still doesn't explain the Tuesday connection though.  Tuesdays are short days at our office.  We close early and those who want to stay to catch up do.  Those are pretty good reasons to like Tuesday, but the best reason is lunch with Chris! 

Chris and I work together.  The mood is never heavy when we are together.  We laugh, joke, sign (mostly me) finish each others lines and generally just have a darn good time together!  She is the reason I love Tuesdays.  We go out to lunch on Tuesdays and the food is just a backdrop.  We catch up on each others lives, share office stories, purge about husbands, children, jobs, etc.  And we laugh! 

We decided a long time ago we are kindred souls.  Our histories are very similar, but more than anything I think it is our outlook that drew us together.  Our glasses are neither half full or half empty...they are just too small to hold everything without spilling over. 

We do see each other away from the office, but she is my sanity while I am there and part of the reason I look forward to going to work.  It is a quieter place when one of us is gone.  Once I was relating something to my boss that had happened earlier that day.  I asked, "Didn't you hear Chris and I laughing?"  He said, "You are always laughing!"  Yup, sounds like us! 

The Hopeful Romantic

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